Daniele Bassi

After making huge gains in beating child hunger, officials in Brazil face a greater challenge – tackling an obesity epidemic

Since it was established in 1982, the Brazilian NGO Pastoral da Criança used weight to ascertain whether a child was unhealthy. Recently, that had to change when they started to see more and more obesity in poor communities. "As we started noticing some children were overweight, we had to change our practices entirely," says nutritionist Paula Pizzatto. "Now height and the BMI [body mass index] are also taken into consideration."...Read More

The natural course of any language shows that some words, more than others, are likely to disappear. An advance in technology or a gradual cultural evolution can trigger the phenomenon. For instance, words such as mongolism or retarded are no longer able to describe individuals born with an extra chromosome and different facial features characteristic of Down syndrome. These offensive and outdated expressions have slowly been replaced by others which can better designate the condition today. More than a cultural evolution, this change can be attributed to a behaviour revolution...Read More

During the World Cancer Day (4th of February 2014) the message which spread across the world media was the cancer burden can no longer be ignored. As figures reached the mark of 14 million new cases per year in 2012 and is expected to increase even more, it is more than clear that a drastic action needs to be taken...Read More

"There's certainly no greater pain than losing one's homeland" said Euripedes (431 a.c.). In more than 2000 years, history has proved him right countless times. Losing your homeland in most cases, not only strips one from his/her home and lively hood, but loved ones, dignity, protection and identity. For that reason, much attention is given to those whose only options available are to leave or to perish. Little is said about the ones who find themselves obliged to open their doors to poverty and despair...Read More