Daniele Bassi


Why Venice doesn't need the cruise industry and how the plans for an alternative route to vessels are endangering the city.

When it comes to Venice, words such as “death” and “sink” become clichés. As well as its uniqueness, its fragility is known worldwide. 
Despite all efforts, Venice is unlikely to remain unscathed by the global sea level rise. But the ones responsible for the city’s unprecedented deterioration are diffuse corruption and ruthless pursuit of profit. 
In this article, Daniele Bassi analyses the impact of the cruise industry in Venice and consequences of the new plans to further alter the Venetian Lagoon in order to accommodate larger cruise ships. She provides an insightful panorama of how this world heritage site is been sacrificed for the sake of a chosen few.

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Almost five years after toxic sludge flooded Devecser, the town is thriving – but worries remain about similar industrial waste sites around Hungary.

DEVECSER, Hungary | When a friend called Marton Ovari to tell him that a flood of red mud was overwhelming Devecser, a town of about 5,000 people in southwestern Hungary, he wasn't alarmed at first. He knew the Torna creek, which flows through the town, often turned red as a result of leaks from a reservoir holding the caustic byproduct of aluminum production from a nearby plant. Read more...

Despite an absence of explicit anti-gay laws, the South American country has a disturbing record of deaths related to gender violence.

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Every member of Mães pela Igualdade ("Mothers for Equality") – an association of parents of homosexuals in Brazil – has a story to tell. Eleonora Pereira's is one of the most heart-breaking: On Oct. 14, 2010 her 24-year-old son, José Ricardo, went missing. Two days later he reappeared, severely beaten, at the intensive care unit of a local hospital. He died from his wounds soon after. Read more...



Muslims have another reason to be apologetic. After feeling guilty about inventing algebra and astronomy and much more, now the Islamic world has to come to terms with the fact that Malala Yousafzai has just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

For those blaming Islam for the violence the world is sunk into, accepting that a 17-year-old Muslim girl received such recognition isn’t going to be easy. The anti-Muslim bigots will definitely have to change the rhetoric contained in their misguided  speeches. Despite all freedom women have in Western countries, it took a Muslim teenager to defend one of the most basic rights that guarantees gender equality. Read more...

When the horrible images of the twin tower attacks invaded our TV sets in 2001, everyone, for the first time, became familiar with a few Arab names such as Al-Qaeda, Osama bin-Laden, and a word not that often used before. That word was terrorism. Read more...